Yukiko Kitahara is an expert on porcelain

who was born near the base of Mount Fuji. She descends from a family of master sushi chefs in Tokyo which passed to her the importance of tableware in Japanese cuisine and the slow enjoyment using the five senses with special attention to the link between the plate and food.

She develops her product with the soul and the strength of her adopted homeland, Seville, and the delicacy and care of its Japanese origin. This work results into the use of white porcelain through which she reaches the essentials under the leitmotiv “Teinai na seikatsu”, to live with care, a philosophy that invites you to pause, to create a moment of harmony and connection with our interior and what surrounds us in a balanced way.

The design is inspired by these throwaway objects (mainly plastic and paper), to which they have added artistic, decorative and functional elements originating from memories and nature, such as sign of appreciation and respect towards it.

Usar y No Tirar (Use and don’t throw away), is her main collection where the products have long-enduring usefulness. Therefore, it invites us to reflect on our use of disposable products and on changing consumer habits.


It is a Spanish National Craft Award in the category of Product and she has also been selected by the Michelangelo Foundation as an outstanding representative of Spanish craftsmanship.


This year 2020 marks her definitive launch on the international market presenting Yukiko Kitahara brand for the first time at  Maison et Objet, January 17-23.

Maison et Objet, January 17-23


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